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We’re the anti-agency agency.

We are a duo of creatives specializing in digital marketing strategy and content production.We are passionate about exploring new ideas and innovative concepts, thinking outside the box and coloring outside the lines. In a couple words: we like to do cool sh*t.


Social Media Strategy

Your social presence says a lot about your brand. We’ll strategize to get your message across the appropriate social platforms to reach your fans, old and new.

Content Production

Visual content is the #1 way to set yourself apart from the rest. Our team of creatives will produce innovative and visually appealing photo and video content for your brand.

Creative Concepts

Brainstorming is our middle name. We’ll come up with creative campaigns, from digital to experiential that are innovative and on-brand to bring fan engagement to the next level.

Our Experience

A selection of brands we’ve worked with.


We are a duo of marketing strategists who recently left the corporate agency world to pursue more creative endeavors and passions.

Kristin Wardian marketing strategy

Kristin Wardian

Alex Loayza Salt Strategy

Alex Loayza

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